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"The behaviour of pupils and school's work to keep  pupils safe and secure is outstanding..."



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Latest school and FOBS news



A small team of children from Falcons visited the pool on Wednesday this week to take part in the Bedale Swimming Gala. Tilly, Abi, Sam, Robbie and Amelia donned goggles to race children from a host of other local schools in a bid for watery glory. They had a great time and did incredibly well, especially considering some of our children had to swim in 4 races! Notably, Tilly and Robbie took the top spots in two of their events (freestyle and breaststroke, respectively) and everyone else placed 2nd or 3rd in at least one of their races, so a hearty well done to everyone on some super swimming!



Children in Need Fundraising

We have been inundated with cakes, biscuits, cookies, muffins and – in one case, thanks to young Master Gawthorpe – a gingerbread art installation worthy of the Tate Modern! Children, staff and parents pushed the boat out in support of the BBC Children in Need charity event, sending in cakes and money and appearing in spots, stripes and yellow. The cake sale was very popular, with shop-bought and homemade treats flying off the cake sale tables to raise money for this good cause. We managed to raise £160, which is fantastic (or caketastic, I suppose). Thank you all for your wonderful support


Clubs at School

We run a range of clubs at the school and it is great to see our children enjoying them. We have started a new science-themed club recently. Children receive some great science input (and engage in experiments – though not on each other!) and a certificate and a badge from the British Science Association.


Open Morning

Just before the half-term break, I hosted a successful Open Morning for prospective new starters. It was nice to meet some of our current families and to welcome potential new ones to the school. Burneston is a great place to be a learner andwe would love to see more children benefit from our unique educational offer so if you know of any parents who are considering options for next September, do let them know that we’re here and that we’re doing great things.




We recently took a team of footballing Falcons to Bedale for an inter-school tournament. We played a handful of games in wet and (very) windy conditions and showed great sportsmanship, determination and teamwork. I’d like to thank the parents who kindly helped with transport and who gamely supported our children in the wild conditions and congratulate our squad of Bobbie, Tilly, Amelia, Thomas, Joe, Jamie, Sam and Robbie for making us proud.



Our children filled St Lamberts church with singing, readings and smiles on a recent visit. I’d like to thank Reverend Stephen for leading the service and to all the parents who contributed so generously to the collection for the local Food Bank.