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creation, compassion, fellowship, forgiveness, respect, trust, wisdom

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"The behaviour of pupils and school's work to keep  pupils safe and secure is outstanding..."



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Meet the staff

Head Teacher - Mr Simper


Acting Headteacher - Gavin Hayman


School Administrator - Mrs Craddock


Caretaker - Mrs Vallance


Supervisory Mid-day Supervisor - Mrs Vallance


Mid-day Supervisor - Mrs Robinson


Additional Mid-day Supervisors - Mrs Bartram and Mrs Dollimore


Cleaner - Mrs Baker


Kitchen Staff - Mrs Baker


Owls (EYFS & Y1):


Mrs Oakeley (Teacher)

Mrs Burniston (HLTA)

Mrs Bartram (ATA/HLTA) - Tuesdays


Kites (Y2/3):


Mrs Goude (Teacher)

Mrs Dollimore (GTA)

Mrs J Borthwick (GTA)


Falcons (Y4/5/6):


Mrs Buchan (Teacher) - Wednesdays &Fridays

Mr Hayman (Teacher) - Mondays, Tuesdays & Thursdays

Mrs. Bartram (ATA/HLTA)