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creation, compassion, fellowship, friendship, forgiveness, respect, trust, wisdom


"The behaviour of pupils and school's work to keep  pupils safe and secure is outstanding..."


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The school produces a newsletter every week or so. The newsletter is published on this website, is emailed to most parents and carers (with paper copies being sent out to those who prefer a hard copy) and additional paper copies are available from the school office, if necessary.


We take pride in sharing news of activities and successes for all members of the school community. There is often advice for parents and carers, key dates, information about events – both in school and beyond – and is a place where our achievements can be celebrated. The newsletter should give the reader a feel for the life, ethos, vision and values of the school.


Please click the newsletters below to view, print or download.


Summer Term 2019

Newsletter SIX (16th July)

Newsletter FIVE (9th July)

Newsletter FOUR (25th June)

Newsletter THREE (11th June)

Newsletter TWO (17th May)

Newsletter ONE (30th April)


Spring Term 2019

Newsletter ONE (8th January)

Newsletter TWO (21st January)

Newsletter THREE (4th February)

Newsletter FOUR (12th February)

Newsletter FIVE (19th February)

Newsletter SIX (12th March)

Newsletter SEVEN (22nd March)

Newsletter EIGHT (8th April)


Autumn Term 2018

Newsletter ONE (4th September)

Newsletter TWO (17th September)

Newsletter THREE (1st October)

Newsletter FOUR (8th October)

Fixed Penalty Notice Advice (Holidays in Term Time) (9th October)

Newsletter FIVE (16th October)

Newsletter SIX (6th November)

Newsletter SEVEN (14th November)

Newsletter EIGHT (20th November)

Newsletter NINE (7th December)

Newsletter TEN (17th December)

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