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"The behaviour of pupils and school's work to keep  pupils safe and secure is outstanding..."



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PE and sports premium

Our PE and Sports Premium allocation for 2016-17 is £8370.


Click here to see how we spend our PE and Sports Premium Allocation for 2016-17


At Burneston PE is an important part of school life.  We love learning about PE, learning how to improve our skills and learning how being active can help us lead a healthy lifestyle.


We love to take part in sporting activities and enjoy competing against our peers, other schools and against our own personal goals. This year children from our school have taken part in many inter school activities, including cross country, football, gymnastics and athletics.


We have some great activities lined up for this autumn term, including archery and orienteering!


Using the links below you can find out more information about our PE curriculum and how we spending the PE funding.


Vision statement and policy


Sustaining improvements in PE


At Burneston Primary school we encourage pupils to take part in all sports, competitions and run different clubs during the year. Keep your eyes on the notice board for clubs you can take part in!


With the help of teachers, pupils' sporting responsibilities include:

* Setting a good example of sportsmanship in competitions

* Setting  a good example of behaviour in all P.E. lessons

* Helping the staff in running clubs and setting up for lessons

* Encouraging others to take part more and improve at sport

* Looking after the equipment and keeping the shed tidy

* Leading teams in competitions against other schools

* Organising team practises before an event