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Burneston CE (VA) Primary School


creation, compassion, fellowship, forgiveness, respect, trust, wisdom


"The behaviour of pupils and school's work to keep  pupils safe and secure is outstanding..."


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Our aims and values

The Aims of Burneston Primary School are:


* To give insight into the Christian faith and encourage its practical outworking in worship, service, values and attitudes.


* To deliver a sound, broadly based and relevant education.


* To create a safe and happy place where everyone enjoys working and playing together.


* To develop self respect and a caring attitude which involves valuing ourselves and each other, embracing all individual differences.


* To help pupils to develop spiritually, mentally, physically and morally into well balanced, reliable citizens who are willing to take responsibility for their immediate environment and the wider world.


* To encourage every child to strive to do their best in every task which they attempt.



We have recently established a new set of school Christian values. These are displayed throughout the school, discussed and explored as part of our collective worship themes, and celebrated through certificates in assembly every Friday.


Our eight Christian values are:


creation, compassion, fellowship, forgiveness, respect, trust, wisdom